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...Your USED anesthesia machine for CREDIT towards THE NEW COMPAC5 ANESTHESIA SYSTEM

Send in your used anesthesia machine with a Purchase Order for a new COMPAC5 and we will:

  1. Remove your vaporizer and send it to our Service Center for complete service to include cleaning, replacement of seals, wicks and gaskets, and recalibration.*
  2. Replace the standard manifold on your vaporizer with a COMPAC5 specific manifold.
  3. Issue a full one year warranty on your newly serviced vaporizer.
  4. Mount your vaporizer on a new COMPAC5 and send the system to your facility.


VetEquip, Inc. Systems
IMPAC6 Anesthesia Center (#901808)
V-1 Table Top LAAS (#901806)
V-10 Mobile Cart LAAS (#901807)

Other Brand Machines
Matrx, all models, with vaporizer*
Summit Medical , all models, with vaporizer*
Surgi-Vet, all models, with vaporizer*
Viking Medical, all models, with vaporizer*
EZ Anesthesia, all models, with vaporizer*
All other brands, with vaporizer*

*Vaporizers must be Tec3 style wherein the entire unit, inside and out, was entirely and originally manufactured for either halothane or Isoflurane.

Please contact VetEquip or your local Distributor for details.

How to Place an Order
We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. All orders can be placed via:
Phone: 800-466-6463
Fax: 925-463-1943

Technical Information
Any information given or recommended by VetEquip concerning any use or application of any product is intended to be informative in nature and is believed to be true and reliable. It is not meant as a substitute for due diligence on your part. Please consult proper personnel, journals or references to ensure current validity of the information and that all applicable protocols are being met for your facility.

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