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Thus it takes a village, and you and VetEquip are part of that village. That your machines, equipment, and service is paramount to achieving the success of medical research. That these animals are provided the best care and equipment to ensure valid, precise, quality, responsible...

...I depend on the best application of anesthesia to ensure we reach our endpoint. Most of our studies are 8-12 hours in anesthesia length and it’s been years since we’ve had a anesthesia related death... have contributed to the advances of medicine for both humans and animals.
Additional Site Pages that Offer Industry Knowledge and
Best Practices Resource Information

Independent Test Data
Review Independent Test Results on Our Equipment
Anesthesia System Components Glossary Industry Terms and Service Definitions
First Time Buyer’s Guide Information to assist in choosing an appropriate anesthesia system for your needs.
Anesthesia Service System components and service descriptions.
Breathing Circuits Rebreathing vs. Non-Rebreathing
Counterfeit Vaporizers Warnings for purchasing a remanufactured vaporizer.
Dead Space in Facemasks and Nosecones In-depth explanation and solutions for minimizing dead space.
Fraud Alert What to be aware of when purchasing equipment.
Oxygen Supply Sources Cylinder description and comparisons.
Pharmacology - Inhalation Anesthesia An edited and abridged version of research by Jch Ko, DVM, MS, DACVA
Trace and Waste Anesthetic Gases Explanation and recommendation for anesthesia waste gas management.
Waste Gas Monitoring Methods and recommendations for monitoring anesthetic waste gas.

The information and guidelines provided in these “Knowledge” pages are for your convenience and general use, and are not meant to be a comprehensive source of information. For an in-depth study of these issues, please refer to our Links section and/or other industry specific resources.
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