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Extract - All Systems

Every effort must be taken to reduce personnel exposure to waste anesthetic gases. These self-contained recirculating air-cleaning systems capture air contaminants directly at the source, safely remove them, and then release clean air back into the room.


  • Standard two-stage filtration system
    * High efficiency cartridge filter
    * Activated carbon
  • Two self-supported, articulating extractor arms, which can be flared at one end to make a "hood" up to 4.5" in diameter or decreased to make a nozzle as small as 2.0" in diameter. Each arm's reach is expandable up to 48" in length.
  • 3800 FPM duct velocity (one arm)
    2250 FPM duct velocity (two-arms)
    (A cap included to close off the unused inlet if only one arm is desired)
  • Low noise level - 100,000-hour motor life (typical) - Heavy-duty 14-gauge construction.
  • Baked-on polyurethane powder-coat finish


Item number: 933106 Primary filter
Item number: 933107 Secondary filter
Item number: 933108 Primary filter refill
Item number: 933109 Secondary filter refill

Extract - All Bench
Item Number: 933101 - Comes with two sets of mounting brackets to attach easily to table or bench top, with primary stage filter extending above or below.

Extract - All Cabinet
Item Number: 933105 - The portability of this system makes it ideal to use in hard to reach places and for moving between locations. The primary stage filter is located inside the cabinet. This model also accepts an optional secondary activated carbon, refillable adsorption module.

Secondary Filter adsorption module
Item Number: High-capacity adsorption filter. Refillable with activated carbon. For use with 933105.

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