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Unconditional guarantee

Gas specific regulators with a delivery rate
preset at 50 psi. Outlet is a DISS male connection.

Small E-cylinder mounting hangers are available to complete your portable system. Includes hose and cylinder wrench. Please see "Anesthesia Machine Options" section.

Cylinder Wrench with Security Chain
Item Number: 201744
Make using E-cylinders more convenient by keeping the wrench attached to the anesthesia machine.

Oxygen, E-cylinder
Item Number: 901305

Oxygen, H-cylinder
Item Number: 901306

Carbon Dioxide, E-cylinder
Item Number: 901302

Carbon Dioxide, H-cylinder
Item Number: 901308

Medical Air, E-cylinder
Item Number: 901309

Medical Air, H-cylinder
Item Number: 901307

Nitrous Oxide, E-cylinder
Item Number: 901303

Nitrous Oxide, H-cylinder
Item Number: 901304

"Carrier gas," usually oxygen, is supplied from a cylinder, large or small, in the procedure room, on the anesthesia cart, or piped through the walls.

If you facility has "piped in" oxygen, you will see either wall plate outlets, gas faucets or drop lines in your procedure area.

If you do not have piped in oxygen, you will need to have a cylinder in your procedure area. Standard sizes are "E" and "H" Most facilities do not own the cylinders, they rent them from a gas supplier. The supplier will rent the cylinders but not the regulators that are required to lower the cylinder pressures to 50 psi. Anesthesia machines need non-adjustable regulators that are preset to 50 psi.

The chart below compares E and H cylinders:

Volume - Liters
Initial Pressure
2200 PSI
2200 PSI
Approx. Hrs Use @ 1 LPM
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