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Unconditional guarantee
Chambers for IMPAC6

These chambers are designed specifically for the IMPAC6 system, they do not have standard anesthesia machine connections.

  • The single and divided chambers are interchangeable.
  • Positive sealing gasket at lid to prevent leakage.
  • Confines models while allowing anesthetic gas to be circulated throughout the chamber.
  • Durable, clear acrylic construction.
  • Large easy-to-use latches.

Recovery / CO2 Chamber

Allows CO2 euthanasia, O2/CO2 anesthesia or use as an oxygen recovery chamber.

Recovery / CO2 Chamber for IMPAC6
Item Number: 941441

Induction Chamber, IMPAC6, Divided
2 chambers in one unit, each chamber is 4.25" W X 10" D X 4" H

Item Number: 941456

Induction Chamber, IMPAC6, Single
8.25" W X 8.75" D x 4" H

Item Number: 941455

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