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Vaporizer - Pin-Indexed Fill

Precision vaporizer manufactured to deliver specific anesthetic agent by percentage concentration. Automatic flowrate and temperature compensation. Large, easy-to-read dial and sight glass for at-a-glance liquid level monitoring. Integrated safety lock to prevent unintentional engagement. Funnel Fill and Pin-Index Fill models available.

Click here for the Vaporizer manual.

Adapters for Vaporizer

Inlet Adapter for Vaporizer
Item Number: 911124

Outlet Adapter for Vaporizer
Item Number: 911125

Safety Interlock

Safety Interlock Switch for Dual Vaporizers
Toggle switch prevents inadvertently turning on
two vaporizers at once.
Item Number: 401743


Requires Pin-Indexed fill device to fill/drain.

Isoflurane Vaporizer - Pin-Indexed
Item Number: 911104

Sevoflurane Vaporizer - Pin-Indexed
Item Number: 911107

Vaporizers for other gases available-

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